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Welcome to our community of tastemakers! Meet the personalities shaping the world of home decor through their unique styles and influences, representing our brand with flair and sophistication.

Sophia Evans

Sophia is a design aficionado celebrated for her fusion of modern minimalism with intricate artisanal accents. Her curated spaces exhibit a blend of functionality and elegance, inspiring others to redefine their homes with curated sophistication.

Alessandro De Luca

Alessandro, an interior design visionary, captures the essence of eclectic decor with his avant-garde approach. His designs merge vintage allure with contemporary elements, redefining spaces with an artistic and eclectic vibe.

Maya Singh

Maya, a wellness enthusiast and interior stylist, infuses spaces with tranquility and serenity. Her emphasis on harmonizing spaces with nature and mindful decor choices promotes wellness-centered living and serene home environments.

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